has Commercial Appeal has commercial appeal and marketability, the name is:

  • short
  • descriptive
  • highly meaningful

A good domain name such as is worth it's proverbial weight in gold. can set you ahead of your current and future competition by extending your marketing reach and increasing search engine ranking.

Domains are the Building blocks…
“As the media landscape continues to evolve, consumers and businesses alike will require more than just online 'billboards'. "Domains are the building blocks of media properties and with the right content strategy, they become extremely valuable advertising and media assets.” -- Richard Rosenblatt

The many facets of a Domain Name
“... there are so many facets of a domain name. It has the face value. It has the value with the mineral rights in the form of traffic. It is a collectible like stamps, coins, art, baseball cards. They are real estate on a scale never known before. They are power in a way that has yet to be fully exploited. They are TV stations. They are magazines. They are soap boxes. They are an advantage on many fronts. They are a permanent direct mail piece. They are almost anything you want them to be and so much more. You are an instant broadcaster able to compete with the likes of NBC, ABC, BBC, and all the rest. Your domain can create a situation to capture more eyeballs than all the TV stations put together.”
-- Rick Schwartz